domani parto, vado a vedere i NOFX come una bbrava tineiger. chi vuole raggiungermi venga. chi non sa dove sia ubicato il concerto si informy.


non ho molti disegni pertinenti al tema"me che vado ai concerti da una brava tineiger" quindi ecco a voi il virtuosismo tecnico rinchiuso in un MERAVIGLIOSAMENTE colorato zombie random all'angolo del foglio.


I'm going out of town to see NOFX tomorrow as a gooood teenager!
c yah soon. there's a random zombie in the corner of a sketchbook page of this summer .

c yaaaaaaaaaaaaah


7 thoughts on “TAPPE RANDOM

  1. Hey, have you ever think about becoming a tattooist? I love you art so much and you have already drawn tattooed people, I'd like to get something tattooed by you haha.What do you study? (You're young so I guess you're a student ?)Kisses from FranceMaïa

  2. SLAVA love uDE ahaa grazzzzzieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh è stato awesome A_AMAIA hi!! yes I should think about the tattoo artist carrieer more seriously, I know! I have thought about it in theese years!! thank you!! I've been 2 years on a school of comics,I finished my studies in 2008! now I'm working on comix, I'm starting so I'm not full of published works eheh :Dkissssssssssssses to u too!!! A________AALIOLLI ahah crrrrrazzie!!!!! A_A

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