I should re.start.

ok, ricomincio a scrivere in inglese per permettere ai pochi che mi seguono fuori dall’italia ( che cmq sono molti di piu degli italiani ovviamente) di capirci qualcosa.

yes, I should, so the less people who follow me out of italy ( they are less, but they are more than in italy for sure) can undertand qhat I’m talking about on my posts ( yes, they can, if I will write correctly, and that’s not easy at all =_=”) I’ll learn, I SWEAR ;_; ( and please if you read something wrong correct meh!!)

ho paura dei parrucchieri, così nuovamente mi sono presa di coraggio ( e di menefreghismo per la perfezione) e mi sono tagliata i capelli. so che non si nota particoalrmente ma voglio crescerli ecchecacchio solo che ero diventata una di quei cani beije.

I’m scared of hairstylists ;_; so I’ve cutted my hair by myself again. I know that’s not so much different from before, but I feel better btw. HORRAY!

continuo a cazzeggiare disegnando quindi TADAN eccone un altro.

I still draw silly things, so TADAN!! anotherone.

as I’ve said before on the last post (ok, I know , you don’t understand italian pff) next week I’m starting a new coloring work . YEAHHH.money A_A
(yeah,money… if somebody pay me punctually è_é)



12 thoughts on “I should re.start.

  1. OMG!Thanks,becouse I´m spanish and I gossip your blog every weekend and I so lost whit italian(and english too,i know i know xD)

  2. ahhaah A__A I’m glad that someone is REALLY following me out of italy pfff

    I understand u, I can’t talk spanich ;_; and it’s so stupid because our lenguages are so much similar that we should learn definetely x__x TEACH ME!

  3. because usually I go to the hairstylist with a precise idea on my mind, and go there is like to go to the gallow because until the end you never know what should you expect from their “creativity” u-u they almost never do what you ask them!! ;_;

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